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1. Spring-loaded Test Probes for ICT, FCT, RF, High-current, Cable Harness and many other applications.

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About Us

Equip-test logoEquip-Test is a European based company with customers worldwide and several locations not only within the European Union but also in other countries. Our headquarters for R and D and Manufacturing is in Budapest, Hungary.
Our company produces the complete range of Test Equipment for testing PC-Boards, Connectors, Set-up-Boxes, Mobile Phones, LED’s, Lamps and many other electronic products.
From Test Probes and Test Fixtures through to integrated In-Circuit and Modular Functional Test Systems, we can be your reliable partner for all of your testing needs.
Our Semiconductor Division provides SemiTest Probes (Pogo Pins), Test Sockets and Burn-in sockets too. Furthermore we also provide In-System Programmers (ISP) for ultra-fast programming of Micro Controllers.
In order to model different engineering products or to make tools, we sell polyurethane boards – and this usually from stock.
A wide range of ESD anti-static protection products are also available from Equip-Test.
And last but not least, customized specific Lifts from our partner Alum-a-lift enable us to serve our customers better, by offering handling solutions for various lifting applications within the production environment.

Contact us anytime at in regard to Semi-conductor Testing, Electrical Testing, Cable Harness Testing, Lifting, Engineering or ESD needs. We will offer you the best solutions and local technical support!