Cable Harness Test Probes

Under Construction…

Equip Threaded Test Probes Equip Probes for Cable – Harness, Machine Building and Functional Test applications are always „made for use”. We do supply the best solutions for testing applications, where threaded probes are used. These can be high – current, high – temperature, pneumatic and switch probes as well as push – back probes for connectors and harness testing.
For main Series and short – of test probes in this Equip-Test please see summarized information below.
Note: Custom-built requirements can be offered on demand.

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Threaded Test Probes & Sockets / Receptacles
Threaded Battery Probes
Threaded Step Probes
Threaded Switching Probes
Ball – Headed Switching Probes
Non – Rotating Threaded Switching Probes
Non – rotating Threaded Probes
High – Current Threaded Probes
High – Current Leaf Spring Probes
High – Temperature Threaded Probes
Threaded Push – Back & Push – Back Switching Probes
Threaded Pneumatic Probes
Threaded Pneumatic Switching Probes
Pneumatic Accessories (PA)
Insertion / Extraction Tools