Available In-Line Test Fixtures Options for Customers

Equip - Test offers In - line Test Fixture Kits empty and customized for our partners. Most in-line handler manufacturers are supported by us. Additional options mentioned bellow are available for our In - Line Test Fixtures: Temperature sensors • High - current Testing for Functional Test Stations • High - frequency Testing • Testing Connector Pins • Two or multipl...
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Find Vacuum Test Fixtures from Our Wide Range

The Vacuum Test Fixtures are designed as either an individual Fixture Kit or with an Interchangeable Kit. The intermediate interfaces of the Interchangeable Kits are equipped with Test Probes. Interfaces are available for all common Test Systems. Depending on the size of the UUT, you can choose from a wide range of suitable vacuum-cassette sizes. Dual - stage Fixtures wi...
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Pneumatic Test Fixtures

The Pneumatic Test Fixtures are designed with Interchangeable Kits. Two different series with a number of variants are available. The Pneumatic Test Fixtures have the same drive-concept as the Manual Fixtures: The activated Pressure Frame in combination with the idle Probe Plate. The Interchangeable Kits have a replaceable, anti-static Pressure Frame Plate as well as a P...
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