Placement Programming

Flexa Accelerator SiPro Accelerator PanaDGS Accelerator
PanaPT Accelerator

Support CAD + BOM data source

SMT Expert could support CAD source like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unidat…. And it could identify CAD source intelligently.
Moreover it shall validate BOM content and then perform cross verification with CAD source.


Support XY data + Gerber source

SMT Expert allow you perform fast programming with XY coordinates data+ Gerber data source even CAD source is not available.


Intelligent panelization

SMT Expert allow you perform intelligent panel generation from Gerber drawing source. Definitely you also could manually input the dimension data to generate the panel.

Intelligent programming revolution

For Fuji/ASM/Panasonic, intelligent accelerator function could link with machine part data library and move for intelligent programming approach. It could intelligent assign part data, create new part data, and then perform intelligent rotation/polarity/center correction. Finally it generate Flexa/SiplacePro/DGS/PT200 jobs for line balancing/optimization needs.

Machine program output

SMT Expert could generate outputs for placement like Fuji/Panasonic/ASM/Juki/Yamaha/Mydata/Samsung/Universal/…


Document generation

SMT Expert could generate feeder loading list and assembly drawing automatically, and it greatly reduce the cycle time of document preparation.

Existing program validation

With SMT Expert, you could easily validate existing data source (cross comparison with feeder loading list, BOM, CAD), which reduces program errors caused by ECO change, employee resign or other incorrect operation.

Machine program conversion

SMT Expert could convert machine program conversion among Fuji, ASM, Panasonic & Yamaha, it greatly fast the line transfer for customer who has multiple machine platform.