Main advantages of this DuoMaxx Handler are:

First in class to have fully automated exchanger of test fixtures – therefore we call it DuoMax, because its big, robust, stable and can run 2 separate PCB products within 1 machine. Exchange of 2 fixtures takes 1.5 minutes and happens without human access.

It can receive your existing test fixture kits. Therefore no need to throw away the tooling you already paid for! Our machine can run old fixtures as well as new fixture technology which we deliver with this machine

Increased testing force to maximum of 13kN, meaning the tester is suitable for handling of more than 8000 Test Points

Increased Size and Height, compared to standard smaller solution on a market.

Fully welded system structure, made of steel – to minimise friction type errors on PCB’s, compared to traditional aluminium screwed frame solutions

Microcontroller based control unit, no need to use PLC!

SMEMA type integration

ROI (Return of Investment):

Higher investment of this system will pay off within 1-2 years for our customers. The above mentioned advantages above will lead to considerable time savings and higher measuring stability and higher first yield output, sincet he force of pusher system is extremely high, the stability is big and the higher first yield is self understandeable – when choosing this system from Equip-Test.

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