Smart - Fixt Module

Smart - Fixt Module is unique, state of the art feature for Equiptest Customizable Fixture Family. It counts Test Cycles, therefore is ideal tool to monitor the lifecycle of the built-in Test Probes and wear parts. Using Smart-Fixt Software App You can easily access spare part codes and types via Network or Mobile Device.

Mechanical Features

• Dimensions (width x depth x height):
100 mm x 120mm x 64mm
[3.94 in x 4.72 in x 2.52 in]
• Compact - Easy to integrate into Customized Fixtures
• Easy to operate robust Industrial Buttons
• Reliable Power and Interface Connectors

Electrical Features

Power Connector:
• 1 x 24 VDC
• 2 x USB 3.0
• 1 x Lan
• 1 x D-SUB 15 pol
• Easy Network Connectivity via LAN or Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth Connection to Mobile Devices (range 10 m)
• Quick Access by User Friendly Interface
• Test Probe and parts ordering directly from application

Smart - Fixt App

Customer Support is very important to us, therefore we created a Smart App for Smart-Fixt Module. Collect data directly to Your data monitoring System or Mobile Device. The Smart App can monitor cycle time based on industrial standards or by customers own standard. Therefore it can be used to plan the maintenance cycles in advance. You can find documentation and part numbers in the Smart App and ask for quote directly from the application. After maintenace the cycle counter can be set to 0. The Fixture User Manual and Assembly Drawings can be uploaded to Your registered Account as well.