Customization examples  

Welcome to the
New Generation of Fixture Kits

Mechanical Fixture Kits

• Standalone or Exchangeable unit
• High Pin Count
• ESD & Robust

Smart - Fixt

Smart Module
Fixture Test Cycle Counter
Smart - Fixt App

Radio Frequency Fixture Kits

Internet of Things ready

Drawer Fixture Kits

• In-Circuit (ICT)
• Functional (FCT)
• End of Line (EOL) Testing
• Automatic Drawer Opening / Closing

In - Line Fixture Kits

• In - Line handlers compatible
• Precize & Great ROI
• Robust

Vacuum Fixture Kits

Perfect Sealing
Precise Operation
Stable Construction
Self Closing - Opening Covers

Pneumatic Fixture Kits

Self Opening - Closing Cover
Robust Design

Press - Down Fixture Kits

Supports most press - down testers
High - Quality
Precise & Reliabe